Though this area was once only grassland, Regina homes now reside in an oasis of trees and commerce, all centred on a beautiful man-made lake and one of the largest city parks on the entire continent. Residents have learned to thrive in the wide weather variances that occur from season to season. Houses and businesses are all well heated in the winter months, and many buildings have up-to-date air conditioning during the warmth of the summer. Everyone has the appropriate clothing and gear to allow them to be able to enjoy the different seasons to the fullest, whether that’s sunscreen and breathable clothing in the summer or winter boots and mittens. Being so well adapted to the climate allows the people living in Regina to continue with their everyday lives uninterrupted throughout the changing seasons.

Since there are such distinct seasons in this part of the country, there are activities for the whole family all year round. In the winter ice skating and cross country skiing are very popular, and in the summer Wascana Lake in the middle of the city becomes the centre of recreation for many residents. People not only canoe, row, and windsurf on the lake, but the various multi-use paved pathways running through the community come alive with joggers, bikers, and those out looking for a relaxing stroll together. Public pools and summer fun programs for children, as well as the summer sports like baseball and cricket, allow families to take full advantage of the summer’s freedom, while the annual events throughout the year encourage the exploration of culture and the arts. Hundreds of recreational facilities provide year-round opportunities for a wide variety of sports from soccer to ice hockey, and the City of Regina has set aside swaths of Regina real estate for 5 public golf courses, as well as plenty of parks and green spaces.

Children Living In Regina Thrive Educationally

Families living in Regina homes are enjoying the results of the city’s long-term economic growth, with local employers eager to fill positions and causing unemployment rates to plummet, and more businesses are being attracted by the work of the Regina Regional Economic Development Authority. The two English-speaking school districts that serve students in the area, the Regina Public School Board and the Regina Catholic School Board, as well as the Division Scolaire Francophone school board which serves students in the French language, all provide dedicated educational opportunities to the children growing up in the area. There are multiple universities available for furthering their education, and residents take pride in the amazing opportunities their city provides for everyone, no matter their background or status. For instance, The First Nations University of Canada is the only university institution in North America designed and run by First Nation peoples.

With so much to offer people who reside in the community, it’s easy to understand why the area is experiencing such rapid growth. To learn more about living in Regina, visit their website at Regina, Canada.