This video goes over what blueskin waterproofing membrane is and how weeping tile works. We visit a new development in The Creeks in Regina's East End to take a look at how this can help to protect your basement from water damage.

The blueskin that is placed against the ICF foundation keeps water away from the house foundation and directs it into the weeping tile drainage system.  The weeping tile runs all the way around the footing of the house. The water drains from the weeping tile into the sump pump pit which is located in the basement utility room of the house.  It is then pumped out of the house by the sump pump.  This method is used to remove water away from the foundation of the house.  

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Hi, I’m Ryan.  I was born and raised in Regina, SK, Canada. I am a REALTOR®, real estate investor, active community member and minor hockey coach who is truly passionate about the city where I work, play and live.  I would describe the people who live in the Prairies as friendly, generous and always make time to say hello or stop to chat. Whether out in a coffee shop, out walking the dog at Wascana Park, or even at a Rider Game, the people of Regina show what kindness is all about. That’s what I love about this community.   

After playing five years in the Western Hockey League (WHL) and three years for the University of Regina Cougars, my competitive nature drives me to get the best value for my clients. When you join my team, I commit to doing whatever it takes to ensure that your expectations are met.  

While pursuing my Business Administration degree, I worked in the construction industry in the summers off.  I was always a hands-on person, and it was during this time that I figured out that I wanted to be in the real estate industry.  I just didn’t know where I would fit in.   

I ‘really’ got my start in real estate when I purchased my first multi-family rental property that had four suites and have since continued to expand my portfolio. The experience that I learned from maintaining the buildings, collecting rent and multiple renovation projects helps me to provide valuable advice.  I don’t look at real estate the same way as your average REATLOR®; this is why selling or buying The Bender Way is unlike other experiences. 

Using my knowledge, I want to ease the fear and stress of buying or selling a home and make this a smooth and hassle free process for you. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, an experienced real estate investor, buying and selling is an exciting time. Together, let’s make it that way!